WhatsApp Sign up- Download whatsapp messenger for android at www.whatsapp.com

WhatsApp Sign up- Download whatsapp messenger for android at www.whatsapp.com – A google owned online chatting and messaging application WhatsApp.com developed in 2009 is now the new way to send and receive sms, document sharing , voice calling and chat for free provided you have a WhatsApp supported internet enabled phone.

www.WhatsApp.com Chat is enjoyable and matured because you can only chat with people that you have their phone number on whatsapp messaging  so your privacy is safe while chatting on WhatsApp. If you would like to know more about WhatsApp, whatsapp login and chat, then you have to relax as I will be unboxing everything you need to know about WhatsApp right here and now. You will learn how to sign up for WhatsApp, download WhatsApp on your phone and how to send and receive messages from WhatsApp mobile application.

How To Download Whatsapp On Android Phone

You can download whatsapp messenger for your android or blackberry phone or any other phone that supports whatsapp application such as Nokia, Symbian Phones and some china phones form whatsapp official download page. Note that www.whatsapp.com is the official whatsapp site for whatsapp download, if you are using nokia phones or china phones, head over to whatsapp.com and download whatsapp application for yourself but if you are using a smartphone and don’t want to visit the website, you can as well download whatsapp messenger from your google play store for free.

How to Login to Whatsapp

You can login to your whatsapp account after you might have downloaded and installed it on your phone. After downloading whatsapp, follow the simply procedure bellow to login to your account

  1. Install the downloaded whatsapp to your phone
  2. Open the installed whatsapp messenger application
  3. Input your phone number and the name you would like to use as your whatsapp name and press enter
  4. Select the type of verification you would like to use and verify the phone number you have added. Either a voice call from whatsapp or an sms
  5. Enter the verification code you just received in the space provided and press continue
  6. Your account will be logged in to automatically and you can see people on your phone book who is also on whatsapp.

How to chat on whatsapp messenger

Once you have logged in to your whatsapp account, you will not need to log in all the time you wants to chat, all you will need to do is to open the whatsapp messenger application on your phone anytime you wants to access it.

To chat on whtasapp, do this

  1. Open the chat messenger from the menu icons of your phone
  2. Click on contact to choose the person you wants to chat with
  3. Tap on the persons number and a place to type a messenger will appear
  4. Write anything you wish to and press send and your message will be delivered to your recipient.

Things to Note About Whatsapp

Note that the person you are chatting with will only reply your message if he is online at that moment of the chat. You can see people online when you click on their profile, you will see online or date of last seen.

Also you must have Mb on your phone before you will be able to access WhatsApp on your phone or access WhatsApp Laptops.

WhatsApp is accessible on computers and smartphone

You can make and receive calls for free from WhatsApp messenger app of your phone

WhatsApp will no longer be accessible on blackberry and some versions of android by the end of 2016

You can download the messenger application from the website at www.whatsapp.com and from play store.

Whatsapp messenger can be upgraded and updated whenever the version you are using expires